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CESPage.com Design (2004 - 2010)

CESPage.com Design (2004 - 2010) Today marks the end of CESPage.com Design, after six years - there has been no need to update this website with no updates for the past couple of years - this will be the last update, all the graphics and websites elements available in the Graphics and Websites section may be freely used and downloaded. Hopefully they will still be of use to some out there, even if there are no more to be added.

Source: CESPage.com Design | Date: 28th February 2010

CESPage.com, where upscaling servers makes sense?

CESPage.com With this month marking a record level of visits for CESPage.com is this when upscaling servers makes sense? My current hosting package has been in use for over ten years - Iím happy with the provider I am with, but since the website is mostly Microsoft-technologies based such as Silverlight etc, should more hardware or more content be put on the website to extend the reach of the website. Iím not sure that upscaling servers makes sense for CESPage.com, as traffic and content levels are within what is expected of the hosting plan I have, but it is always good to plan other alternatives, or even add additional hardware or software for more features or content, such as ASP.NET, more Silverlight, Videos etc - as more of this kind of content appears elsewhere it may have a place on the website.

Source: CESPage.com | Date:28th January 2010 | Comments?

CESPage.com Visual Basic (1997 - 2009)

CESPage.com Visual Basic Today marks the end of CESPage.com Visual Basic, after twelve years this site has reached its end, with only a few updates in the past couple of years it has finally reached the end. Thanks to all the visitors to this website and hope that the brand new CESPage.com Silverlight will serve you well, as it will feature examples and tutorials in Visual Basic. With a renewed focus and more to come, CESPage.com Silverlight carrys on where CESPage.com Visual Basic left off.

Source: CESPage.com Visual Basic | Date:1st December 2009 | Comments?

CESPage.com Silverlight

CESPage.com Silverlight CESPage.com Silverlight launched today, a website for all things Silverlight with Articles, Tutorials and Showcase features to come plus Resources and more for Silverlight, right here.
This website replaces the popular CESPage.com Visual Basic website, however all the examples, tutorials available from the website are all written in Visual Basic - keeping that tradition in this new website!

Source: CESPage.com Silverlight | Date: 24th November 2009


CESPage.com CESPage.com websites have been refreshed checkout the sections now to see what's changed and what's new!

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 23rd March 2008

CESPage is Ten!

CESPage.com Ten years ago today CESPage launched, which later became CESPage.com and has expanded and diversified since back then, celebrate by visiting CESPage.com Decade.

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CESPage.com Decade

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 1st December 2007

CESPage.com Blog

CESPage.com Blog CESPage.com Blog has been launched today, will feature exclusive content, information, previews and commentary on CESPage.com and more!

Source: CESPage.com Blog | Date: 12th August 2007

Windows Vista

CESPage.com Windows Windows Vista has been launched, find out more plus information on Office 2007 and Games for Windows

Source: CESPage.com Windows | Date: 4th February 2007

CESPage.com Xbox

CESPage.com Xbox CESPage.com Xbox has been relaunched today with a brand new layout and some new content, coming soon even more new content in the next few weeks!

Source: CESPage.com Xbox | Date: 1st January 2007

CESPage.com Nine

CESPage.com Nine CESPage.com is Nine years old today, the CESPage.com Nine website celebrates this, go and have a look there now!

Source: CESPage.com Nine | Date: 1st December 2006

CESPage.com Relaunch

CESPage.com CESPage.com has now been updated with an improved layout including non-tables based layout and more efficient layout and load times.

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 1st December 2006

CESPage.com Tubular Relaunch

CESPage.com Tubular CESPage.com Tubular has been relaunched with a brand new layout, take a look around including new content in the Videography section, plus additions to the Discography section also!

Source: CESPage.com Tubular | Date: 20th October 2006

CESPage.com Windows Relaunch

CESPage.com Windows CESPage.com Windows has been relaunched with a brand new layout, take a look around, with even more content to come as the launch of Windows Vista gets closer!

Source: CESPage.com Windows | Date: 17th October 2006

CESPage.com Zune website launched!

CESPage.com Zune The CESPage.com Zune website has been launched today, for the Zune digital music player from Microsoft, check out the product photos and information about Zune.

Source: CESPage.com Zune | Date: 15th September 2006

CESPage.com Eight Launched!

CESPage.com Eight The countdown is over and CESPage.com Eight has launched - the reason, CESPage.com is eight years old today, go and visit the website now to see what the website used to look like and various changes throughout the years! Established December 1st 1997, CESPage.com has many more years to give!

Source: CESPage.com Eight | Date: 1st December 2005

CESPage.com Eight

CESPage.com Eight CESPage.com Eight counting down to the First of December, but why? You'll have to find out then what this new website from CESPage.com is!


The countdown completed and the CESPage.com Eight website was launched, celebrating CESPage.com's Eight years

Source: CESPage.com Eight | Date: 3rd October 2005

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 CESPage.com Xbox contains a large amount of content for the upcoming Xbox 360, find out more about the console, the accessories, packages and Xbox Live there. Featuring exclusive wallpapers and more plus articles from official Microsoft Xbox 360 factsheets.

Source: CESPage.com Xbox | Date: 20th August 2005

CESPage.com Windows Launched!

CESPage.com Windows CESPage.com Windows has now been launched, replacing CESPage.com Tech offering Resources such as Windows Software and Hardware information, Help such as Tutorials and Tips plus a lot more!

Source: CESPage.com Windows | Date: 10th July 2005

CESPage.com Downtime

CESPage.com Downtime CESPage.com server is being moved so CESPage.com will be offline for a few hours on the 29th of June 2005 between 9pm and 6am BST (8pm and 5am GMT). Hopefully this downtime should be no more than 10 hours, feel free to still visit the CESPage.com websites as they may be available still during this time.


CESPage.com server move was completed successfully, all CESPage.com websites are now fully online and available

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 23rd June 2005

CESPage.com Design Updated!

CESPage.com Design CESPage.com Design has been updated with a brand new layout having already been introduced to most of the CESPage.com websites already. Also is yet another logo - don't worry this one should be more perminent!

Source: CESPage.com Design | Date: 23rd June 2005

CESPage.com Updated!

CESPage.com CESPage.com has been updated to the new layout, CESPage.com Xbox, Visual Basic, Tubular and Products have already been updated, look out for it on CESPage.com Design. Forums and Shop have their own layout.

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 17th June 2005

CESPage.com Tech Launched

CESPage.com Tech CESPage.com Tech has now launched offering information about computer related games, hardware and software, plus the latest gadgets and gizmos.


CESPage.com Tech has closed, however keep an eye out for a brand new website offering all this and more in 2007!

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 7th May 2005, Updated: 1st November 2006

CESPage.com Design Relaunched!

CESPage.com Design CESPage.com Design has been relaunched merging the old CESPage.com Design with Comentsys Design to make this new website, including and brand new logo!

Source: CESPage.com Design | Date: 18th March 2005

CESPage.com Tubular Launched!

CESPage.com Tubular CESPage.com Tubular now launched! Includes a variety of content from discography information about the albums to gallery images and more - visit often for more great content for this latest addition to the CESPage.com family of websites.

Source: CESPage.com Tubular | Date: 5th March 2005

CESPage.com Products Launched!

CESPage.com Products CESPage.com Products now launched! With the CESPage.com Store where you can by CESPage.com logo merchandise, keep visiting for even more stores and products.

Source: CESPage.com Products | Date: 5th February 2005

CESPage.com Xbox Launched!

CESPage.com Xbox CESPage.com Xbox has now been launched offering Resources such as Game and Hardware information, Help such as Tutorials and Tips plus a lot more!

Source: CESPage.com Xbox | Date: 27th June 2004

CESPage.com Shop Launched

CESPage.com Shop had now been officially launched - buy products supplied by Amazon.co.uk direct from this brand new section from CESPage.com!

Source: CESPage.com Shop | Date: 23rd May 2004

CESPage.com Visual Basic, New website layout launched!

CESPage.com Visual Basic CESPage.com Visual Basic has now been updated with a brand new design plus in the coming weeks there will be more content and information to be added so keep checking back often.

Source: CESPage.com Visual Basic | Date: 7th February 2004

CESPage.com Design Launched

CESPage.com Design CESPage.com Design is now official - merging the Website and Graphic design websites. This new site also has software design plus design products and services available for all three themes.

Source: CESPage.com Design | Date: 2nd February 2004

New website layout launched!

CESPage.com You may have noticed a change to CESPage.com, this allows you the visitor more information and content to be available, which is easy to read and understand! This new layout will be introduced to all CESPage.com websites in the coming weeks.

Source: CESPage.com | Date: 24th January 2004

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