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After Twelve years Visual Basic has closed, but with a new website Silverlight carrying on the Visual Basic tradition.

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End of an Era

December 1st 2009 marks the end of Visual Basic, after twelve years this site has reached its end, with only a few updates in the past couple of years it has finally reached the end, however there is a brand new website Silverlight which will feature examples and tutorials in Visual Basic, with a renewed focus and more to come, Silverlight carrys on where Visual Basic left off.

Although Visual Basic is closing, it is twelve years old today also, and still continues as Silverlight, however when started it was just "CESPage" and was a Visual Basic website only, here are the designs of CESPage/ up to the present day!

First Design : Early 1997

CESPage in December 1997, then it was a very simple website. The section names are similar to what they are now.

Design One

Second Design : Late 1997

The colour scheme is still present in this format, and appears in later designs. This was the first frames based layout for the website.

Design Two

Third Design : 1998

This design started with rough edged graphics like the previous designs but they were replaced with much smoother graphics. This used a frames layout but with the navigation at the top.

Design Three

Forth Design : 1999

Back to a non-frames layout it has two advert graphics at either side of the title. This design saw the introduction of the white border around the "barrel-shaped" graphics used for titles and buttons.

Design Four

Fifth Design : 1999 - 2001

This design moves away from the CES naming system, the navigation buttons have the actual names, the CES naming system is now used for the main websites such as and

Design Five

Sixth Design : 2002

The first radical design, but was limited to the same size - so only could be used for the main website.

Design Six

Seventh Design : 2002 - 2004

This design worked at any size, and is used across all website as the standard template for the first time.

Design Seven

Eighth Design : 2004 - 2006

This design replaced the previous one, with more width for content, improved navigation and less graphics, it was also modified to be HTML 4.01 and CSS 1.0 Compliant.

Design Eight

Ninth Design : 2006 - 2007

This design updates the eighth design with a slight visual makeover, but the changes are under the surface with full XHTML 1.0/CSS 1.0 compliance plus at least AA accessibility compliance also.

Design Nine

Current Design : 2007 - Present

This design updates the ninth design by improving features from that layout and new icon styles.

Design Ten
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