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This is the first in a new regular update for Visual Basic, with all the latest information about Visual Basic and the Website

By Visual Basic, Published 14th September 2008, Comments?


You may or may not know but for the past few weeks a brand-new tutorial has been appearing on Visual Basic for the past few months each week, this will continue for the meantime, while suggestions for them keep coming, so you keep suggesting them and they'll keep coming!
It seems appropriate for this to be the first Visual Basic Article, as the Tutorials are the most popular feature and they will be created as long as people want them. Do you use the tutorials, or have seen them mentioned or featured somewhere? Then let us know in the comments, anywhere featured will be mentioned in a future update.

Each week a little about that week's tutorial will be mentioned, this week it is the Slide Show tutorial, suggested by yannick on Blog which displays the images contained within a folder or directory in a slide show, or shows each one in turn - an easier version of the prior tutorial which was mPlayer also suggested by yannick which allows the playing of Videos and Audio such mp3 audio and Windows Media Video.

Also a new Feature coming soon to the Tutorials section are Screencasts or Videos of the tutorials, the first "Hello World" will appear soon available in large 720p video size they will be clear and easy to watch tutorials, powered by Silverlight so go and Download it now, ready for the first one soon!

You can find all the Tutorials for Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and prior version of Visual Basic in the Tutorials Section.


Another new feature will be some Articles other than this Weekly Update which will feature a product, service, technology or example with a download to match where relevant, the first of these will be about WPF and will feature a Windows Presentation Foundation-based Text Editor as the example mentioned and to download, look out for that one coming soon, there will also be a Web Browser example with more advanced features than the tutorial for this, plus a Rich Text Editor with all the main features of a Rich Text Editor with a toolbar user interface including status strip!

Articles contain more advanced examples where a tutorial could not easly convey for an example such as an example of a User Interface like for the Web Browser, or going into detail about a technique or technology like Windows Presentation Foundation, plus the Article that accompanies the example will highlight parts of the code, explain the used technologies and also have links to more information and resources where necessary.

You can suggest your ideas for future Articles and Examples via the Visual Basic Articles and Code on the Blog Visual Basic

Being thr first Weekly Update, here is a little background on Visual Basic, this is the longest running and earliest part of, and even pre-dates when it was just CESPage, other sections have appeared such as Xbox and Zune, however this one has always been the first on the list. When this website started there was no free version of Visual Basic, so it tended to be used by people for a job or if they already used similar programming languages, however this all changed with the release of the "Express Edition" of Visual Basic allowing hobbyists and others to start using it and realising the potential and ease-of-understanding that Visual Basic offers and the often underrated power and capablity of the language. This caused a revival of interest and therefore this site offered Tutorials for this, but with the latest Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition there is even more with a record fifteen tutorials available for this alone and counting, it seems Visual Basic is just as popular as ever, and with many requests for Tutorials, Visual Basic also!

Thanks to all the visitors to the website, you make the website what it is today, it's been around for over 10 years and will be eleven years old, this December, so keep visiting and using the website, plus keep the suggestions coming!

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