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Alarm Clock Tutorial Preview, Q&A and Update

By Visual Basic, Published 27th September 2008, Comments?

Tutorial Preview

Monday is the new day for Tutorials, so look for these each Monday, this week's tutorial is "Alarm Clock" with an analogue clock which an alarm can be set for to remind you of something to do at that time, demostrates creating a Custom Control for the Clock interface, combined with a form on which the alarm can be set.
The File Sharing tutorial will be postponed until further notice so the next few will be the "About Console", "Database" and "Shutdown" tutorials.

You can find all the Tutorials for Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and prior version of Visual Basic in the Tutorials Section.


In this regular section of the Weekly Update: Q&A. This answers Visual Basic related questions asked via Blog and the website Visual Basic.

 With the startpage in webbrowser. I'm trying months to find out the code... without success... asked by Kevin

The Homepage for the WebBrowser control is determined by the settings in Internet Explorer (Tools, Internet Options, Homepage) if using the GoHome method. However you could have the browser navigate to another website using the Navigate function eg. when the application is loaded or when the Home option is selected.


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