Hello World

With a new version of Visual Studio comes another choice of application type using XAML or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF for short!) Here is Hello World with a little bit of XAML magic using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition.

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Step 1

Start Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, then select File then New Project... Choose WPF Application from the New Project Window, enter a name for the Project and then click OK, see below:

New Project

Step 2

A Blank Window named Window1 should then appear, see below:


Step 3

Then from the Common tab on the Toolbox select the Button component:

Button Component

Step 4

Draw a Button on the Window, see below:

Window1 with Button

Step 5

Then goto the Properties box and change the Name to btnHelloWorld and the Content property from Button to Click Here, see below:

Button Properties

Step 6

Double Click on the Button Control and type in the Button1_Click Sub:

MsgBox("Hello World", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Hello World")

See Below:

Button Click Event

Step 7

Save the Project as you have now finished the application, then click on Start:


When you do the following will appear:

Application Running

Step 8

Now click where it says "Click Here" and a Message Box will appear looking something like this:

Message Box

Step 9

Just Click on OK and then click on the Close button Close on the top right of Window1 to end the application.

That was your first working Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition application, until the next installment of the Visual Basic Tutorial! Try changing the Text and Title of the Message Box or try changing the code and adding more parts, you can learn a lot from this simple application!


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