First appearing in the 1980's as a new style block-breaking game, ARKANOID, appears on Xbox LIVE Arcade having accomplished even further evolution. Enjoy Arkanoid in high-definition with beautifully choreographed background movies and background music. Loaded with 120 stages in all and colorful cooperative and versus modes.

Publisher : Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade
Developer : Taito

Release Date : 2009
Price: TBA
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Screenshot Two
Screenshot Three
Screenshot Four

Gameplay  - ARKANOID is remade with even cooler background movies and sound and loaded with colourful game modes. Within the simplistic block-breaking game element, and beyond effects incurred by items and the appearance of enemies, several kinds of new bosses appear in the final stage.

Stages  - 120 Stages of Block-Breaking: Even including stages from the past ARKANOID series, compete for the high-score and/or record clear time in all 120 stages with leaderboards score.

Customisation  Barrier Type or Player Stock Type game play? A Player 1 and Player 2 collaboration? Customize your game play for variety enjoyment.

Xbox Live  - VS Mode Play: Heat up your CPU or Local 2Player and Live Play VS play with two rules. Bust All Battle Mode : The player who breaks all the blocks first wins, Bust Colour Battle Mode : The player who breaks all the colour blocks designated to them wins.

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