Mobile Ops: The One Year War

Rediscover the thrill of mechanised warfare as you are thrown into battle as a soldier on the front lines of the One Year War. Fight on foot, in vehicles and in Mobile Suits around the globe. Crush your enemies online no matter where they hide, be it open battlefield or urban environments. Pick your side, choose your weapon, prove your supremacy.

Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Publisher : Namco Bandai
Developer : Dimps / Dream Execution

Release Date : March 2007
Price: 39.99

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Gameplay  - Jump into the cockpit of your war machine and experience first hand what mobile suit warfare in the Universal Century feels like as you battle in a host of vehicles and mobile suits, or engage in small unit infantry tactics as you pit your wits and body against the mightiest war machines

Combat  - Fight the One Year War like never before! - Engage enemies on the battlefields of the One Year War any way you want -- on foot, in vehicles and in a wide array of mecha.

Visuals  - Immerse yourself in the world of the Universal Century. Dramatic cockpit views, exquisitely detailed Mobile Suits and vehicles modeled down to the differences in ejection systems and boarding protocols. Using the power of the XBOX 360, view Mobile Suits and environments in unparalleled detail, right down to the rust and damage from combat, all in HDTV resolution

Xbox Live  - Online play brings mobile suit warfare to life like never before. Fight in teams through multiple scenarios and battlefields.

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